Clarifying the Life Priorities


Habits and pressures are really hard to break, this I’ve come to admit today. Actually now that I started to reflect what I’ve read recently, Charles Duhigg put it so that habits are impossible to break, they can be transformed thought.

This morning is exceptional for me, because here in Finland we’ve this four day Easter break that lasts from Friday until Monday.  For me this kind of break is a piece of heaven: break from the everyday and time to clarify my life priorities.

I’ve noticed some priorities I’ve had are on paper at the top, but not in action. So this is perfect time to think how I can really get them to be where they need to be in the priority hierarchy. It’s about asking myself hundreds of times what matters, and also remembering why it matters.

Asking these questions and remembering why the priorities are on top will brighten the colors of life. This will happen for sure, especially if all the priorities are not working out like in my case. At least we can start figuring out the next question: how…

Getting all the pieces of priority during our lives is an art that takes patience, there are no instant wins. However the progress brings as much as joy as the achievement and figuring out the questions are the first big leaps forward.

3 thoughts on “Clarifying the Life Priorities

  1. I also thought for a long time that habits are hard to break. I have come to find out that they are only hard to break, but not as hard to replace – which is the old trick. Build a new one that makes the old one obsolete. It’s worked wonders for me. 🙂

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