Happiness Management


Life is a weird game of happiness management. First we need to manage our own happiness. The

more happy we are, then we are likely try to satisfy and make other people happy as well. The more we are able to do this, the happier we are also in return.

This is how I would boil down the life to.

Yet when I google words like happiness management, it is most likely to be in business / organizational point of thinking, even though it should also very personal.

Even less there are hits when I try to search for satisfaction management, which is essentially the base of life experience: am I satisfied with my life? How can I help others to be more satisfied with theirs?

These are very basic questions; to which I for example have hard time answering. And then I have to ask myself other questions such as to rank my life areas in order to get some kind of vague idea where I am at the moment versus many other moments before.

Most of the so called happiness is thus unveiled through series of questions. Questions that hopefully lead us closer to the root causes of this.

Life is series is of questions, ongoing investigation who we are and what can we do for ourselves and others. These questions are the sort of control we have over our lives.

To manage happiness, we need to ask these questions ourselves frequently and keep revising these questions. Perhaps we will be ask closer to the right questions in the future through this practice and manage internal happiness better.

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