Building Meaningful Relationships


I picked up a few days ago interesting habit of guessing what people are. In fact this is a habit of guessing what people are or could be. It is infinitely entertaining at a public place. Outlook can tell many things, as well as mislead in a big time. This is merely a pastime practice which reminded me of something really important.

The way we are. I wish everyone could be as lucky as to be accepted as they are. We maybe on a journey somewhere, where we might end up, yet present is the only place we really are. Therefore accepting the present is a must.

Although outlooks are what they are, they might mislead or lead into something. What matters is how do other people make you feel.

Based on the experiences with other people, it is possible to start building meaningful relationships. I’ve gone to the lengths to build a list of energizing people in my life in order to recognize the relationships which I want to deepen. This is fairly effective method that has worked wonders. Revisiting the list regularly gives the sense if the same people are hanging at the top all the times, or is there a shift in priorities.

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