Choose Yourself


Everyday experience of life can feel out of control. Even though this is the life we’ve chosen, we might forget it when we wake up. So reminding of the choice, is a good idea.

I was reminded by this choice today, as I was reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. As inspired by the book, I also started to pay attention to my internal dialogue and quickly noticed interesting “have to” –structure there. Quickly I reminded myself that in fact I do not have to, this is what I’ve chosen and this morning too I choose it.

This was a reminder for me, as I’ve sketched out my plan and connected that plan with actions. Those actions do include things like going out to work, writing each day and other things such as exercise, meditation and prospecting for investments. Because I’ve done this groundwork, reminding myself how this action is a choice was rather easy this morning.

Sense of freedom or illusion of the control is requirement. We can choose to be happy or to be anything as Stephen Covey puts it. That which we focus to grows. If we choose to be happy, our happiness increases.

Choose the yourself what to be and do then claim responsibility over it.

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