Living the Life of Adventure and Tackling Big Hairy Audacious Goals  



“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ― Helen Keller

The daring part can feel intimidating as a level 1 newbie.

I’ve often thought out loud about how to set daring or even big hairy audacious goals (BHAG) for my life. To this I try to draw inspiration from video games, where anything is possible.

In fact Steve Kamb outlined designing the life as a game in Level Up Your Life. It has been a year since I read that book and although I got a plenty from it, I feel like rereading the whole book. In the past year I’ve set out quite audacious goals and processes, yet I feel like I want some spark of fun and adventure more, which that book definitely contains.

With most video games today, I feel like having ethical dilemma on playing them as they often require killing or harming others in order to proceed on goals. Life on the other hand I’ve learned to love exactly because most of the life goals can be advanced without such violence.

Even so I like the dragon slayer metaphor: “True dragon slayers stay hungry. After slaying a dragon and saving a town, they set their sights on a bigger dragon, on a bigger mountain, in a land even farther away.”

In life the dragons we slay might be our internal monsters of fear, rather than actual dragons. Yet taking action despite of fear and setting out more daring goals as we progress towards the ones we’ve set already.

We should progress towards our big hairy audacious goals each day with small actions. These actions we should make our habits. In the One Thing, Gary Keller suggests to split the BHAG or Dream into one thing in 5 years, 1 year, 1 month,1 week and today. Doing everyday one thing towards the BHAG or dream or whatever you want to call it. This way we will be all the time adjusting the goals, dreams and our actions. There is always a progression towards it.

As an example, I’ve been writing now almost a year every day. However, recently I’ve been questioning is merely writing and publishing enough and I’ve come to the conclusion to start challenging myself more in the department of my one thing. This is still work in process, however what ever changes I might be doing, they will be serving my purpose of increasing sustainable growth even better.

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