Model for Long Lasting Happiness


I decided to take upon this heavy question this morning after writing two drafts about learning. At the end of the second draft, I realized that I can summarize the happiness to one word: learning.

Learning is happiness, because if learning is really happening, learning leads to right action and right results.

Definition of happiness could be for example “a state of well-being and contentment” like Merriam-Webster dictionary it defines. To be in the state of contentment, requires that your so called needs and wants are met, so that in a sense nothing else pops in your mind that you could be needing, wishing or wanting for.

In human mind of course such states do not last for long, because soon mind is bored and to satisfy the bored mind we need to be in the creating something meaningful.

To create something meaningful, we need the results. And to get to the results, we need learning. We need to learn right things.

Learning is simply action, result and feedback loop. This loop can be observed from many levels, i.e. single, double or triple loop learning.

Even though we might be aware of some of these levels, we will always hit a new ceiling so to speak. There is always something to learn. It calls extreme humility to accept this.

Humility Unlocks the New Level

I remember several times in my life, I’ve felt that “I’ve already mastered this”, that “there are nothing more to learn.” How wrong I could’ve been.

Few times, I’ve found my humility and through that I’ve been able to continue learning and focusing action. When I’ve found the humility, I’ve found results, passion and purpose.

On other times I do not know, perhaps I’ve continued the ignorant state and maybe even still do. When I am soaked with ignorance the results are not there, but the fault is elsewhere.

Often the responsibility, or lack of it is the cue, that has allowed me to rediscover my humility. Complete sense of responsibility, ownership of the problems can feel daunting at first. What happens if you succeed? It’s satisfying feeling right and above all: meaningful.

Learning brings right results which brings happiness. There is always something to learn, on every level we can improve.

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