Take Aways from the One Thing


sunrise-on-the-sea-275274_640.jpgI’ve been reading the One Thing by Gary Keller. The central thought of the one thing has resonated with me a long time before I’ve had chance to read the book, which I’ve caught from Youtube book reviews.

Connecting the strategic goals to daily actions is one thing, however in the book it has been made so clear, someday goals, to five year goals, to year goals, to monthly goals, to weekly goals, to daily actions and what can you do now.

This creates vivid image on how we are going to achieve the goals. Later on in the book there is a tip  to visualize the process, not the achievement. This is because we tend to overestimate on what we can accomplish during the day, so it’s important to ask exactly “how and when I am going to deliver these results?”

Speaking of time and when, there is an obsessive time management system described in the book, which describes the systematic mastery method. Well mastery is more like a mindset than outcome after all.

Furthermore the basic thought is to break the todo’s into success lists where only important matters remain and find out the one thing that will make the rest irrelevant or easier.

I like the idea of the one thing, because it allows us to leverage the power of focus. Narrowed down focus is incredible leverage.

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