Practical Philosophy


In my early twenties I was suffering in life and I did not have tools to deal with it. I had tried praying for change and miracles, without any results.

After years of doing what is not going to work, I finally realized, I might just as well open my mind to something new.

So instead of praying for what I wanted, I tried to typing that to google. I began to look for tools to deal with my problems.

That was important starting point, because I had started acknowledging my life and the problems.

What I found out, was that there had been this guy called Gautama, who had been already about 2500 years ago been thinking similar stuff and he had come up with this very practical insight on how to deal with suffering of life. Gautama’s insight was four noble truths his tool noble eightfold path.

Ever since 2009 I’ve been contemplating on the noble eightfold path and I still find it compelling: I find it as a compass for my life.

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