Embrace the Snow



When we start to see whatever we have a strength, we truly start to thrive.

It is easy to desire the things, such as easy life or whatever feature X. This kind of thinking is wishful, and conditional on outside factors. Even when these things would become reality, our minds are not satisfied. The pendulum keeps swimming between boredom and suffering.

Accepting the present state of things is difficult. Even more difficult it would be to embrace it.

How to get to that acceptance? I wish I knew all the answers, many steps involve forgiveness, acceptance and taking responsibility. It’s a process which we must go through.

Today in the news I read about Helsinki-Vantaa airport embracing the snow-how all year around. It was a weird headline and as I glimpsed the article, I thought finally someone is taking the perceived annoyances (snow) as strength and a selling point.

Later I realize it was probably an April’s fools’ news, however even after it didn’t stop me thinking: how wonderful it would be to embrace the natural state of things. Once we are able to accept that which is most of the time, we are very well off.

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