Gift of Rejection


To our mental health it’s good to get closure. Not all our wishes come true.

In fact most of our imaginations products will not be real, because someone else says no.

Rejection, although seems unfortunate, is very energizing.

Today I got a rejected on a job. Everything in my mind seemed to have aligned for it already, which was the only warning sign I could spot. A calm before a storm. I’ve sailed in such waters before.

In any case, I was very clueless about the rejection. I did not have clear plan b, I had a vague one. As I was able to process more and more the rejection during the day I’ve started to see it as way.

Now in the evening I got chance to reflect the gift of rejection: often times rejections help us channel and focus our energies like never before. If the path you wanted to take, and you were rejected, so what? Try again.

Once you’ll know what it is you want to do, you will get there.

Rejection gave my present energy a new form and focus.

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