Understanding is the Starting Point for Growth


 Best relationships are nurturing relationships. Someone gives, for other to grow. The balance of these interactions can vary a lot from giving to receiving to perfectly balanced relationships.

By embracing the understanding we can begin truly to grow and are able to create win-win-win settings.

Understanding and empathy are requirements. The ability for understanding and empathy can come through personal experience or through imagination. In either case, to know where to begin, we must know where we are.

Understanding means immersing oneself as much as possible with the other persons world and trying to give the guidance from there.

Know where you are in order to begin.

Too often people expect, ask, and demand without first even understanding the outline. If we go by this method, we start to offer solutions to the problems we do not necessarily really even understand. It’s the kind of thinking that if you are a hammer, all the problems look like nails.

When our tools become more varied, through understanding we learn to apply the right tools to right problems. This takes time, understanding and patience.

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