Growing Through Surprises


Today I underwent an interesting part of interviews, which was in itself already important in terms of learning and clarification. In itself the event let me understand that randomness, uncertainty and chaos are desirable for those who wish to grow.

Out of uncertainty, the creative and courageous can create something of value for all.

I realized, that I want to be in situations like that: where I feel like I’ve some sense of competence and control, yet there is randomness and much to learn. Zone of uncomfort and uncertainty is necessary for growth. Beyond uncomfort zone is the panic zone, which is too far. We need to have certain sense of skill and control, from which we can venture into unknown to.

We grow the best when we manage to survive something we did not think it was possible. It’s like getting lost, but knowing how to read map and compass. First thing you do is to find where you are on the map, and then start to navigate your way from there.

Surprises are surprises, because we did not think of it. It’s something we are not able to imagine. Surprises have impact, because there is something that we did not think could be. Immediately it puts our consciousness to adapt to the new situation.

In healthy doses, surprises are awesome spicy, the spice of life.

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