Learning with Purpose


I am obsessed with learning and thus I’ve been trying to optimize my life in the way that allows me to learn quickly. Learning satisfies my curiosity and gives me sense of fulfillment. Learning in itself is rewarding and when it is aligned with the purpose, it does feel like I am closer to something.

Last week I recognized that even with all our understanding, with all the amazing things we have done as humanity… All we’ve learned is not that much. It is quite outstanding, that we’ve been to the moon six times and around the moon once. Yet, I’ve a feeling that we would be capable of much more.

What prevents us from co-operating and achieving these awesome things? It’s our short memory: we forget that we all are related if we look further enough.

Yesterday as I was chatting with my colleague this is what I realized: we are often reminded who we are closed to through our names. The way other people around us remind us, who we are close to let’s us remember the people who matter most. And the rest of course we remember.

Can you name all of your great grandparents? Unless you’ve been doing family research recently, it is very unlikely that you can name more than perhaps one great grandparent. This presents the problem that we have: we’ve forgotten the shared lineage. And we will keep forgetting it.

By default setting human mind tends to like the familiar, and dislike the unfamiliar. Conscious overrides do exist, or even the habits to override this can be practiced. Yet this the familiar is comfortable and unfamiliar is not, because it requires mental effort and using the brain to do that takes a lot of energy.

So we forget what we share. Because we forget what we share, we forget that we all have something in common. And because we forget that, we forget also that we can co-operate together. We can travel together.  We can laugh together. We can learn together and from each other.

Whatever we want to do in life, is not heavenly bestowed to us. It’s not like we already have some kind of knack how to do things naturally the way that brings the right results. Instead we need to learn.

Learning is ongoing process.

Often when we grow up, we do it naturally. When we grow up we may have fantasies that after school, or after university degree, or after work we don’t have to learn. While that might be possible for some, I doubt life would be much fun if it is so.

The question is what to learn next? What do you want to do next?

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