Learning Should Be Lean


Keystone habit as described by Charles Duhigg in Power of Habits, is the habit that changes the game. The one thing that snowballs in to the other areas of life or organizations.

Learning is something we all do, in more or less successful fashion. Yet few of us have a system of learning, a model which we could talk about.

However, now there is no need to know the model of learning to learn faster, and better. Because one such habit can have tremendous impacts.

What has been a game changer, a keystone habit in my learning is the quality of information paired with immediate application and action.

As simple as it sounds I challenge you to really think about all things you do during a day, or let’s take your tomorrow for example. All actions and motions you go through the day, are you saying that you could not do anything in such way that would better result for you?

Learning should be lean, continuous process of improvement paired quality information and action. Without the understanding and the bond that comes by doing, no amount of learning will result to anything. With just action, without reflection and quality ideas, we will just remain so so. Everything together is brilliance.

We do not need that MUCH new information, we need to spread the information evenly with the action.

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