Humility is the Way and Acceptance Our Ally



Where Ryan Holiday has the awesome book “Ego is the Enemy”, which is true in a sense. I dislike the words that prime towards anything that has to do with violence.

So therefore I was thinking flip the thinking from what is undesirable to what works and that conclusion is that humility is the ally. Even ally does have some undesirable associations, however in my mind it is already a leap ahead.

What does humility in particularly allow us to do? First and foremost, to learn. Without humility, learning in deep or broad, or actually in any meaningful level is impossibility. We need humility to really dig into both deep and broad levels of learning.

We need to acknowledge, how limited our knowledge is and how limited we are in learning. This is a practice we must do each day of our lives, until the end. Even if we knew everything we have ever known, yet there is so much to learn. Acknowledging this requires the humility.

Humility is the way we need to go; to make that journey more bearable is to add a dash of self-love and acceptance for our fragile ego. When we walk the path of humility, our ego is naturally threatened. To mend this, we need acceptance and care for ourselves. With this combination we are able to be more humble and learn faster, become the best versions of ourselves so to speak.

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