Money May Mislead to Wrong Work


I like this simple topic, money does mislead us. Because money has become very universal belief, we can get many services and products with it. This universality makes money very convenient to have.

Yet the universality and usefulness of the money, also happens to mislead us from our purpose.

The question now is of course, what purpose?

The question of purpose we should answer ourselves. Our purpose is that in which we can do most “good” for whatever cause we think is important. The concept of good is of course difficult, but for the sake of simplification, let’s roll with that.

If our purpose is to do good, the sacrifices for money is necessary only until the point after which we can focus on that.

The problem here is that the money is bound to time. Investors know fully well that “dollar today is worth more than dollar tomorrow.”

More importantly why does this phenomenon occur is because, there are people actually assuming risk when they are borrowing money today for someone else, in order to get it back tomorrow with interest.

Risk, that there might not be money tomorrow. However, if there is you get the money back with interest.

Investing is what to do with the surplus. However, money is misleading when you start to think it as a purpose. Money is just an almost universal belief system which is necessary to meet the needs of many, until the end of their time, so they could be doing good things.

So in according to my idealistic theory, we need money only up until the point after which we can ensure that the basic needs will be taken care of.

Of course reality is much more complex than that. While perfection is too much to ask for, I think we should attempt to always combine, and align the purpose and money.

I think we can work for just purpose, but not for money, yet that may lead only to starvation of many. Unless we serve so fiercely like monks, that our bowls are filled, we probably fail to deliver so much value to the society around us.

Most of the time doing even a bit of work, and paying the taxes results to the wellbeing of many.

Work becomes misleading when just purpose or just work becomes polarized and we start to think that there is one without other. In this kind of scenario we may be working for the work we should not be working, we would be much better off for everyone to be doing something else, yet we keep doing it for mere financial compensation which we intend to exchange with something more meaningful, or worse spend it somewhere distracting ourselves from the problem.

Primarily work for purpose. Then make enough money, so that you can have infinite supply of money so you can focus on purpose for the rest of your life.





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