Where Ideas are the Driver, Habits are the Vehicle



Ideas can be powerful drivers: they either can lead us towards fulfillment, or astray. We must be careful in determining which ideas are worth pursuing for. Ideas take away energy, and time. So unless, we have a system of focus, we may end up losing a lot of time and energy.

Just like we need to keep up and develop media literacy, we need to develop and keep up idea literacy, or the ability to read and determine when the idea is good for us.

Smart people can entertain several opposing ideas at the same time, yet they carefully consider the applications, timing and the fit for the complex system of their own lives and situations. They understand that in the information age there is no shortage of the ideas; therefore they need high filtering ability to determine the suitable ones from the unsuitable ones.

An awesome idea might be unsuitable for the moment. To make that idea work, might require something else, it might need to wait a bit. For times like that, it would be awesome idea to have a system to store the ideas 😉

Once you know, who you are and where you want to go you can start aligning rest of your life around those ideas. To get there, mere ideas are not enough, we need to the power of habits. Habits are the vehicle to make the ideas reality.

We are the sum of our habits. Some are more natural inclinations, while others are more consciously picked routines. Yet what we are now is thanks to our habits. And the potential from this point onward relies much in our habits.

Of course habits are not fixed, new ones can be learned and old ones can be transformed. Yet old ones cannot really be forgotten at all, they are always lurking underneath, so therefore we need to be mindful that habits are in fact us and how we shape them in the future is going to make the future for us.


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