Easy Beliefs or Hard Truths


Benefit of beliefs, is that we are able to operate in the complex world without thinking about the reality itself too much.

Disadvantage of the beliefs is, when they become obsolete, we cannot easily start explaining the world without first building a sense of reality and building sense of reality does take a long time and never is incomplete.

Objective observation of the world is demanding at first, so we would not be naturally inclined to do it if it wasn’t for our long term advantage. The progress begins by our ability to acknowledge what is, not by the energy packed action under illusionary beliefs.

Truth can seem a slow, complex and therefore a troublesome thing. Truth isn’t glamorous or sexy, therefore it is probably so unpopular. We often prefer lies over the truths.

Truths can hurt too and many times it may not be preferred.

Yet truth is the only way to get anywhere reliably. Even though it takes a lot of conscious effort and energy to develop more accurate sense of reality, it is worth it. Truth becomes automatic pattern a habit, so we become attuned to the truth like fish are to the water. There are several ways to pursue the path: science or academics, philosophy or vipassana for example.

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