Personal Leadership



Everything in this life we have is in the present moment.

To navigate from here to somewhere, we can either get by coincidence or by having a system.

Personal leadership is such a system which helps us iterate towards the desired or more desirable outcome. Personal leadership is mastery over our short term wants for longer term desire for which we are willing to make sacrifices and take action. Furthermore not only we have longer term view, but also we are sacrificing the present attention to that long term view and that shows in the energy we are putting to think big.

All leadership starts from learning to lead ourselves first. We need continued humility for this, because it is lifelong learning projects rather than a week, month, year or even a decade.

Human brains are wired to save energy, so we have tendency to simplify and compress everything we learn. Personal leadership is acknowledging this limitation and working a bit over and around that limitation by questioning the limits according to our own desires and believed capabilities.

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