Hungry Project Management



Project management is so dull combination as far as I’ve studied, worked and understood it.

However, I also realized that much of what is the purpose of the project management, tends to be easily forgotten. Most of the project management is to deliver those results, it is the actualizing part of making everything reality.

If so, shouldn’t the project management be the most awesome part of the job, breaking through the expectations with ease? Easier said than done.

Yet some are successful in doing exactly that. Some who are hungry for the success, will find every possible energy to over deliver on projects.

I have had my on’s and offs in my work. Past two years I’ve had dozens of active projects running at the same time. However, now I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel: I might not want to do this forever, yet I want to know I’ve done my very best.

Therefore it’s time for passionately hungry project management. We all can one up our own performance if we really really want to. We can find that final spark.

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