Make the Important Easy


Through my personal efforts to feel great, I’ve more and more focused to my emotional life rather than momentarily peaks or valleys. So more focus to the direction of the trend on a big scale. I’ve used purely subjective meters which I learned from Steve Pavlina:

Habits & Routine

Career & Work

Money & finances

Health & fitness

PD & Education

Social life & relationships

Home & family


Character & integrity

Life purpouse & contribution

Spiritual developement


And then rank each of these from zero to 10. I’ve done this once a quarter or twice a year, depending on my feelings and also how fast the time seems to be going by. My earliest record is from 2009. There is the emotions category there as well. However, all of these categories are connected, and when there is a sort of balance there, the emotions will take care of itself.

Today in the lunch queue I was reminded of the most important habit of all: making the important easy. Man behind me settled for minced meat enchiladas because the vegetarian choice was in a bit difficult side table and they were also serving tacos for which you had to put all the fillings in there.

I couldn’t find a better metaphor for anyone who is considers themselves a person of values. We need to pay for our values. We need to sacrifice for our values, in order to sanctify them.

What is the most important thing for you?

What are you willing to sacrifice?

Better approach than trying to always play catch up with your values, virtues and promises is to take proactive approach: make the important very easy. When I read Tom Rath’s books, I loved his action suggestions: put the healthy foods to easy place and throw the unhealthy foods away.

Since then I’ve ordered 800 gram almonds/walnut/raisin bags online and I create this my favorite mix for afternoon snack for my work. It takes proactive effort, however I know that after some 10 – 12 hour days my usual snack bread isn’t enough and I need to eat something more and then I’ve a snack choice that is in line with my values.

Goals are results of habits, and the art of good habits is to make them part of the bigger routine already. Linking habits make the important easier. When adopted a few habits consciously you’ll become increasingly powerful.


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