Goals, Actions and Values Aligned



Present moment is so precious. The more I’ve set my personal goals, the more I realize most of the time I should be working on personal life goals, i.e. the professional goals should be linked to personal goals.

Since the beginning of year 2017 I set up a wall for my goals, which worked sweet. It took me about a month to draw connections between these goals, my dreams and my daily actions. Once that was done, not only I begun to realize I am living my only life so working on my personal goals each day is a must.

Now I am struggling on how to align most of my energy so that I will be able to progress there.

Quick progress and quick wins are not realistic, they are daydreams and lucky strokes. Lucky strokes happen, especially to those who work hard. Yet, achieving goals does not happen commonly through a whim’, instead it is a result of more of a systematic work.

For me the question seems to have transformed into “how to align my goals and values effectively?”

Goals are broken down into daily actions and the connections between these actions and other goals can be made visible. What is the most desirable actions from values and goals perspectives? What matters and how to make more impact there?

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