Emotional Labor: Gratitude


Experience of our lives is influenced by the storms and tides of emotions, which we cannot control. We can control how do we respond to the emotions, and through the response and working through it we can influence our overall emotional life. Work is most effective when it is worked by emotional energy that has been correctly channeled into something productive, rather than destructive. Therefore, if you choose to take actor role, instead of a victim role, you’ll in a long run transform your emotional life.

Because we never graduate from responding to the emotions, I would call the set of behaviors to respond emotions emotional habits.

Seth Godin has this interesting concept of emotional labor, i.e. really working towards something through all the emotional barriers.

Emotions are a force which we can accept and use, or fight against and lose.

Therefore I thought it would be interesting to write an article or few about different uses of emotions and how they can be used.

Be Grateful of Your Past

Today in fact I was pondering about self-love and how that is a game changer. Gratitude of everything what I’ve done recently for myself i.e. I was calculating that in past year I’ve invested about 8 000€ for my personal and professional development coaching and training, not including the books. I began to think that just from the biggest single investment alone I’ve got a tool that has transformed my mindset about my personal finances and thanks to that tool I am month by month regaining and building my financial security for the rest of my life.

Be Grateful What World Gives You Now

Whatever the circumstance, there are some things that are just so right. Something you’ve been doing just right for a long time and it bears fruit. Seek the right things that are happening right now.

“Want what you already have.” – Tom Rath, Are You Fully Charged?

Wanting what you already have is inversely channeling wants and desires to gratitude, something I’ve thought of before. This thought was in capital letters in my book notes, however, it takes repetition for these things to sink in, and therefore I am grateful for taking such good notes as well.

Finally a black belt move: Turn the feeling of gratefulness into virtue, action to pay back the debt of gratefulness for others. By itself gratefulness is not a virtue, when harnessed as action to pay back or pay forward it will become one.


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