What Kind of Story Prevents You From Being You?


I’ve forgiven myself for most of my regrets that I’ve caused for myself up until this age of 29. Forgiving gives always chance to move forward.

Living life with no regrets is cliché, that is fine if it were possible. Yet sometimes we do make decisions that obviously are stupid retrospectively, yet we do them and judge ourselves.

In the past I’ve had quite a bunch of roadblock beliefs. I.e. I was just considering time around ten years ago, somewhere around the time I first heard about Trainers’ House Growth Academy. Yet I did not have the identity back then to follow it up, and other beliefs as well as actual laziness.

Yet in the end, as had cleared some of these identity hurdles I did decide to take the leap or should I say charge of faith and decide not to complain, instead focus to take the chances what I’ve. This led me to apply for the Trainers’ House Growth Academy seven years later and commute for about three hours in a day total.

The price to pay has been totally worth it and more. Not only I feel like I am square with my beliefs, I feel I’ve paid the price and it has made me so strong in the process. That does not happen just any day.

Pay close attention to what kind of stories you tell yourself about what you can or cannot do. Either way you say, you are right.

Do not settle for anything less than you feel you can do.



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