Combining Efforts



Living a life full of meaning can be exhausting: especially when trying to achieve all at once. In fact it is, because we may be imposing to ourselves all kinds of demands at the same time without noticing it.

I’ve set bunch of goals for this year. At first I pursued them with passion, until I begun to notice kind of exhaustion creep in. Even though I had broken down the goals in to daily actions and habits, a year is not a spring after all.

What helped me to breakthrough this was a discussion with my boss. Most importantly I realized afterwards I had thought of my life and life goals in too narrow fashion. In fact my thinking had still remarkable silos; and I didn’t see all my actions as connected.

As a concrete example, I’ve put a lots of pressure for myself to be and do good; to teach and guide ahead. Yet did not feel satisfied with any amount of helping or coaching, even though I was already doing more than I could. After the discussion however, I begun to understand that I am already doing a lot and I’ve to discover the most effective ways to give.

I had read earlier this week about generosity burnout, and with this conversation as a bridge, I was able to start connecting these seemingly separated ways of thinking. As a result I feel I get a lots of giving/helping & coaching done during the day while still having energy.

And I like the new way of thinking so much, because of it energy releasing and restoring feeling that I am going to find as many areas in life where I can combine efforts. If you can get everything done with the same effort, why not do it?



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