Did You Know You Can Work with Joy?


Joy is a miracle, that bends time. Even more than that, if there is joy, there isn’t really anything else. With joy you want to learn and you want to do.

At times, I forget the joy and nothing good comes out of it. I feel blissful at the times, I discover the joy such as these. Joy is not permanent or we should attach to it as such.

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future” – Neil Pasricha, The Happiness Advantage

At times the present burden, with the past burden and future burden can become too much to bear. In these times it is important to remember the joy. Joy is in the present, because in fact that’s all we have.

I’ve been avid gamer since I was a kid. First with Amiga that was owned by my brothers, later on with NES, SNES and PC. I still play occasionally. Some games just are so much fun, and for me the fun lasts until I figure out the certain mechanics in the game.

When we enjoy doing something, we learn really fast and we want to learn. When joy takes over, its easy to let carried on with that. What if you could apply this to what is most important to you? What if the work required to get, would come as a result of an enjoyable and fun process?

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