When is X?

Thinking and especially questioning the routines we are running is beneficial to attempt to look at the life we are living with different set of mindset. When we living the routines, everything is automatic and more focused to the present and short term, with actually thinking we can entertain ourselves with silly thoughts without necessarily taking on them as habits seriously. Questioning is also very good tool to ensure that what we are doing still matches what we want: it can happen that we’ve changed and the world has changed, however we still keep doing that which does not apply any longer.

Today I had such privileged morning that I was able to go through my walking, thinking and questioning, in other words I had the time and space for it, which was lovely. Results surprised me, I pursued one question for hours and as a result I did get different ideas sketched down on what to do. I did not get yet to answer to the question I was pursuing, yet I am very satisfied with this result.

The whole thinking practice started today because last week I understood that I need to answer myself: “When is X.”

I’ve had this process of continuous improvement, and a system for it in place. Yet I’ve been quite literally blindfolded about until when I am going to do it. Also although I’ve been improving, I haven’t been making any leaps, mostly it has been just small and incremental improvements on the way. Therefore I had decided I need to answer this question now.

Following image appeared:

when x.png

Sketching this I understood that what my current process in earning income lacked, was the breakthroughs. While I’ve so ambiguous ideas when there might be such breakthrough, because finances have to do with numbers I could fairly accurately predict already with the current process when I am going to do the breakthroughs. Most importantly when I know when is the X I could actually start thinking about more creative ways to make it happen earlier.

SMART goals are great, just need to remember two when’s: when you are going to work towards it and when you are supposed to finish.

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