Tip to Help You When You Feel Overwhelmed



Living in this uncertain world, we cannot succeed in everything. There are always more things to do, so where do we draw the boundaries?

I draw it on critical tasks, what are the must win cases of the day and what I am going to do about them? Whenever I manage to clarify that much for myself I already feel better, rest will be resolved in time.

Human mind gets burdened by the unresolved and important. If its’ unresolved and unimportant well it’s alright. Therefore to put the limited energy into the critical and crucial tasks is the trick.

When we are overwhelmed, we need to sort the thoughts to down. Therefore the best tool is empty paper or a file and simple list and then to figure out what is the priority of the task. At first its’ enough to take this day, then you can begin to focus on the next day until finally you are looking a week or a month ahead of your must win cases.

By the must win cases –list you will manage what is the most important to you.

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