Where Does Your Path Lead?


future-431270_640.jpgDo you have a dream? Is that dream connected to goals? Are those goals connected to actionable tasks?

Well achieving grand dreams is really that simple.

On a company, organizational level that grand dream could be described as a vision.

For anyone I hope there is something beyond the hassles of everyday life.

My dream is not that clear, I would like to see greener future thought. And since I like the things that grow, I’ve dubbed my dream as sustainable growth. I like the idea of things growing in sustainable manner.

Although I am concerned about our ecosystem, I am also concerned about the sustainable growth of human beings. We also need to keep on learning and growing, and how we are supposed to do that? Well first part is the access to information. Although internet is doing good job in terms of access, there is still a lots of information that’s not accessible. Books are, however they are behind closed systems. Ideally I would like to see a world where we are spending most of our time learning and striving for higher heights.

As far fetched as it all seems, that’s what I am working for and my goals and choices in life point that way. Where does your path lead?

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