Convert Sh*t to Opportunties by Being More Responsible


We are fully (100%) responsible for our lives. It is easy to be unsatisfied with some parts of it.

Whatever you are satisfied or not, you are responsible for it.

There are no excuses around responsibility, this is my mantra. Action intensified with responsibility creates focused action, to get the sh*t done. This is kind of transformative concept I try to remind myself of.

Have you ever got task, project or responsibility, which you wouldn’t have wanted, and nobody else wanted that either? Welcome to the club, that’s life.

Unwanted responsibilities are opportunities in disguise from which we need to build our lives. Maybe there are golden opportunities, however those too good to be true things are scam, so at least it’s better to stick with that what is real.


It’s like when life gives you lemons you make lemonade etc.

Assuming the responsibility is about accepting the circumstances, it is the first step to wisdom. Then you can get to the work through which the opportunities reveal themselves. Taking the work seriously, will yield learning if nothing else, which is in itself an opportunity later on.

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