Fluid Like Water


It has been about seven years since I listened Ekhart Tolle’s Power of Now book. I guess I found it somewhat momentarily inspiring and then I forgot mostly about it.

In the recent days however, I’ve been pondering more deeply on how I should describe the way I relate to the present moment and “fluid” –word keeps popping to my mind. Fluid resembles and reminds me of water and the waterlike mind is pretty much all I can remember from the Ekhart Tolle’s book. In fact I couldn’t even remember the title or the author right away.

Why to be fluid like water?

Fluid is non-attached. Water is not attached to any form or shape or place, instead it smoothly takes any shape or place there is. We should strive not to be attached to the ideas about future, allow present unfold itself and then make the most out of that.

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