Too Busy to Take Care of the Most Important Things



Does the topic sound familiar? Today a big click happened in my head:  I’ve been too busy to rest properly for each day. Why cannot I feel well rested every day, I asked myself?

I require quite a lot of sleep: doing the daily eight hours feels barely enough, yet that’s what I’ve been going with for most of the time. I’ve tried increasing that a bit in the evening with varying results.

It also turns out now with better rested perspective, that it is very difficult to imagine the cognitive capabilities of a well-rested person, versus let’s say tired. It’s quite easy to guess, however difficult to imagine for oneself.

Two weeks ago, I started noticing certain exhaustion in myself that just wouldn’t go away.  I had slept, however the quality of the sleep was poor, so therefore even the eight hours didn’t feel much at all. Even though I didn’t consider myself a person who can stress about sleep it started to become a topic of stress.

On the positive note this didn’t go on for very long as I started to think what I can do about it. I decided proactively to do some work with my calendar and start work one hour later on most of the days. Additionally I would go to bed 15 minutes earlier each day. I decided to use the extra hour in most of the mornings for important personal stuff like writing, if I would wake up earlier.

Now I’ve about one and half weeks experience, and I have say that being well rested is the advantage I’ve been looking for. Mind that is well rested is capable in complex problem solving and creativity. Much of the challenges we struggle daily, can be solved with one moments’ creative insight.

Work smarter, not harder” – is a thought that I’ve tried to identify with before. Yet, it is so humane to get derailed from that beautiful thought, like a bunch of lemmings going over the cliff, we humans too love such herd behavior and do not even notice it.

I quite hesitated to do even these minor changes: because there is no guarantee of the net positive effects, and most importantly how it looks to others.

Well since I chose to stop caring about “how it looks to others” and decided put my wellbeing as top priority that certainly helped me to get the courage to try.  Life is quite too short to be pleasing imaginary opinions of others, I do not know how did I came to forget this as well.

Learn from my mistakes and listen to yourself.

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