The More Fluid and Flexible Identity You’ve, The Better Off You are


Identity is a topic regularly comes to my mind as an interesting thing to ponder and read about.

Particularly when it becomes to the identity of a person and when it is mixed with idea such as title or description. Every time people are asked to characterize themselves, identity becomes a very interesting thing.

When we start to describe ourselves, we are attempting to capture something really fluid which is the human life: a story between life and death, where nothing remains constant for very long time at least from evolutionary standpoint. And that a tiny window of that we are attempting to describe in the words.

First and foremost I find it fascinating, because the attempt to describe one-self reveals much information for example about past and current internal dialogue and worldview.

Mostly because our identity is as fluid as water, so it would be impossible to perfectly describe ourselves with just words so quickly. Yet some people have the ability quickly to use descriptions, stereotypes and categories to describe the rough outlines of their identity.

Identity is a tricky, because we are able to change if we believe we are. On the other hand if we do not believe in that, our thinking remains quite fixed and our minds closed. In itself identity is a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, sometimes life event can cause us to seriously reconsider our beliefs and there again change has potential to happen: our identities may open up or close down.

My bottom line is that the more fluid and flexible your identity is the better you are able to cope with the contradictions in life and thus also adapt to the inevitable external changes.

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