Work is an Investment for Tomorrow


Work converts energy into a services and products, which will further benefit people who receive and use those. In short, work creates value for others.

Also because working is a process, where we serve and get feedback immediately we keep on learning, through the feedback. If we do not learn while we work, then we are mostly wasting our own time. However, the responsibility to learn is not our employers, it is our own. It is our own responsibility, because although we provide the service for others the most valuable thing we can gain from there is that learning and improving at what we do, because that is the basis for our future income in a way or another.

The way we use time today, determines how successful we are tomorrow. The anguish felt today, becomes from the wasted yesterday.

Time is the most precious thing we have in life. Although work is a big part of the life, the mental process of working aims of course to the liberty from “working for external” and strives for “working for internal reasons.”

I think we can bring these internal reasons right away in the game, even though we would start the work from external necessities. If we keep this in mind we will transform inevitably transform the work into just that.

Time is our ally, and we need to make use of it: working today becomes an investment for tomorrow.

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