What If Greatness is a Process?


Past two weeks I’ve been thinking about uncertainty. I am also reading Taleb’s book Antifragile about the topic as well, which has no doubt influenced my thinking.

Furthermore today, I got an insight for myself in the form of this question: what if all the great things we have in life, are in fact produced from the uncertainty by someone who has been willing to do some work?

Leila Hoteit put it even more roughly in her TED talk, where she mentioned that one of her strengths is the ability to convert sh*t into fuel. I like that idea, in fact most I do think it as a manure rather than anything else.

By the thinking clarity I reached today I mean that literally anything that I can for example perceive as a quality today, would mean that someone in there has been enduring uncertainty, taking risk, taking all those unpleasant feelings and converting them to something else.

I began to ponder, is this all our faith who want to have something? Is it something we need to do – to learn to build on that which life gives to use?

The proverb says “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Also Ajahn Brahn has a Donkey story, with the similar lesson.

So what if greatness is a process, where you live the present moment and make it great to the best of your abilities?

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