Humility Facilitates Mastery


Today it occurred to me that humility does indeed facilitate the mastery. Because masters are endlessly interested in learning and without humility to ability to use each moment as a chance to learn is not happening.

So mastery does require humility: to keep the mind open and curious for something more to learn.

To a mind which already thinks it has mastered something, mastery is simply too far out of reach.

As I finished Ryan Holiday’s Ego is the Enemy few days ago, I also now realized that in here too ego comes in the way of learning.

Humility can be confused with many traits, however if it is about something you are interested mastering, humility is the mindset which open the doors of possibilities in your mind.

2 thoughts on “Humility Facilitates Mastery

  1. That is what Robert Greene talks about in his book mastery! A ever curious beginners mind is sure way to mastery ! What you’ve told so much matches what he says in that book! Very nice read!

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