What I’ve Learned from Publishing 294 Blogs


notebook-1840276_640.jpgPast year I’ve written about 294 articles to this blog. As a simple and quantifiable goal I had to write and publish every day. It is simple and unmistakable. I’ve failed a few times, yet the spirit of kindness keeps me going: I know that I’ve done at least something towards the greater goal of continuous improvement (and my life goals) when I do this.

It’s what we do every day that counts.

About writing I would summarize my improvement with three points:

  • Writing has helped me to gain confidence, habit and identity of a writer.
  • Learning to see the text from readers’ point of view.
  • Structuring my learning in readable format.

I’ve been satisfied with this quite simple goal, with very little expectations of return. However, if I am to improve, I would like to probably set more ambitious goals. So the question is what next?

I was thinking about raising quality of my writing. How does one measure quality? Well I guess feedback of some sort would be a good metric: traffic, likes and/or comments. However, even thought that maybe measure of quality, its’ not in my control. Quality too has to be quantifiable action.

Perhaps I may be setting a minimum standard for article length, or an added revision to the process. Or perhaps it is to shift the focus all together.

I’ve not yet made any decisions, everything is possible. One thing I am sure of, is that I’ll keep writing every day until something better comes along.

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