Pushing Through the Resistance to Quit


pokes-fun-at-1164459_640.jpgMany creative tasks require effort, and therefore the initial urge to quit can be great. The first revisions may not be particularly rewarding either. Yet if it is something you like, you should just give it a shot, take some space and see how close to completion you can go. It can be worth it!

I’ve been with the cartoon sketches like this: I get funny ideas on which I would like to draw and develop further, however as the laziness and space of no time takes over, the idea quickly gets buried and forgotten.

It wasn’t always like this, in my youth I did draw more and express my ideas more openly. I enjoyed the process and most of the pieces I showed with pride to my friends and people in my community.

Although I was a total amateur, in itself that is a point of hobby. Doing something enjoyable and getting the satisfaction out of the results.

I am talking about this, because it has been about fourteen years since I’ve actively practice this hobby. In between only a few ideas here and there, only to be quickly given up and buried in the drawers. Today I decided to push through the feelings of giving up and decided to finish it and so I did to a certain standard. Although it took me three revisions to get it up, I did it. I am quite proud of myself, and the end result I sent to my girlfriend. It is an inside joke, I know which will brighten her day.

As a result of the result, I feel like I’ve found long lost connection to an activity that I had forgotten. With the today’s result I see a lots of room for improvement, however also so much improvement in taste and style that now it would be shame not to have any time in the week to draw up some ideas and see how they develop.

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