Systematic Way to Increase Your Possibilities


Luck as defined in Merriam-Webster means a force that brings good fortune or adversity.  So good luck brings good fortune, whereas good is desirable.

Luck doesn’t work, it’s a superstitious concept. Probabilities are more right, yet our understanding is still very limited about the unprovable events actually occurring.

We have very limited ways to influence our future odds, however we have some and one that comes to my mind is called work. We can work to increase our own capabilities (cognitive, physical) to better understand the world and see the world as it is, in order to make more right decisions based on what we have learned.

We humans are a capable of improving the system which we operate. A human is a system, that is capable of improving the system itself.

Yes, you are capable of changing yourself both mentally and physically to a certain degree. In any case the changes are significant enough to matter. A noteworthy side note here, is that each of the human system is somewhat unique, so that each of us may have different strengths, weaknesses, talents and tendencies.

I believe that we should leverage our existing talents and tendencies, explore our curiosities and seek to link up with other interesting strengths.

Based on these thoughts I was thinking up the pro activity meter (Image 1) below:

proactivity meter.png

(Image 1 pro activity meter)

To the pro activity meter, I decided to add axis of “other & me” to describe how selfish or unselfish the action is. This matters, because most of the currency we have is actually social capital. When we are doing things for others, we are building social capital, so it’s sort of investment (or repayment).

When we are solving systematic problems, we need more people spending time in the proactive and others side of the box, solving big problems proactively that impact many people.

I thought of this today, in the Saturday morning as I woke up too early. Last night I was working too much and my mind immediately started racing even though I didn’t have that many hours of sleep and it was six a clock. The experience however, put me thinking that am I really now doing the things I should be doing? Are my actions proactive? Are they for the good of many?

Well my next actions surely weren’t I ate morning porridge which barely took my hunger away. My appetite lost during last week and now it was certainly recovering,  a better sign for my health. I couldn’t really get much done in the first three hours, until I visualized this image: I need to start thinking again how I can focus most of my available time to the upper right corner of the box. Thinking about what to eat today should not take too much of my time, so I should come up with automated, cost efficient solutions to this and be done with it.

For the longer and more proactive time perspective we are able to work, the better our all odds are.

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