Uplifting Kindness


Positive surprises are pleasant aren’t they?

Whatever it is random act of kindness by the stranger, or a gift by loved one, we usually find the capacity to appreciate that.

From the receivers point of view accepting positive outcomes to life is easy and desirable.

For givers too, these tiny acts are really pleasant, they bring the joy of giving.

Kindness is a gift that requires only a bit good will. Gift of kindness can be applied to others as well as to ourselves.

Two days ago I was struck with strange kind of sickness, which left me exhausted, nauseated and weak. While I quickly put the health priority where it belongs, resting for two days let me also reflect and consider the big picture of life.

Answer that I came up with two days later is kindness. Although I know I am still recovering, what has allowed me back on my feet, back to my work and back to my dear writing is ability to be kind to myself. First to be kind for myself in the present, and secondly also to be a bit proactively kind.

Because kindness received from others can be uplifting, why not being kind to ourselves? In fact if we are proactively kind, i.e. sacrificing present comfort for future comfort we get the same effect.

Be kind for yourself in the present, it’s alright. However, remember the longer and further you are able to extend your kindness, it will return to you with interest. That’s the nature of karma.

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