Books and Ideas Start a Life Inside You


book-863418_640.jpgLearning is breakthroughs at the time. When the year changed I had a breakthrough in my reading and that has had tremendous effects in other areas of my life as well. I’ve doubled what I used to read in month. And now I am ready believer that that I could double it again in time and when it is the time for that.

What I noticed through all this is not that much how much I read, but what I do with the books which are read. Although in casual conversation there might be references to the books, even present a few ideas here, some recommendations there… Yet it does not itself convince much change.

This is when I realized how much of what I’ve read I apply to my life on daily basis. Most influential books are of course starting their own life inside of me. Ideas take such a strong shape that they automatically shape my actions and decisions as if it were the new normal. There is no going back. Even better, I do not need to consult other people what I do, because I know I am doing the right decision.

Be careful what you read, those ideas might become reality.

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