Decision Making Tool: Net Gain or Loss


 In the past few months as I’ve had time to read a lot, I’ve been thinking that most of our habits can be broken down to a daily net gain or net loss:

  • With personal finances, money this is very easy: if you earn and keep more than you spend you are saving up money. Would you be happier if you would have more wealth?
  • Same concept applies to health, however instead of clear numbers we get better health, fitness both of which are hard to appreciate until they are gone. Would you be happier with better health?
  • Did you progress towards your goal today? If not, when will you?

“Ultimately there is only the one impediment, and that is laziness.” – Peck, M. Scott, The Road Less Travelled

Simply by setting measurable goals, and asking yourself what you can do today for that goal you will know what can and must be done. Then it’s the matter of doing that small thing. Make each day a net gain in your life.

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