Developing the Present Moment Positive Energies Further



This morning I had weird and clear first thoughts when I hit the alarm: we are really algorithms that process the present moment and transform it into different kinds of energies.

Life happens in the present. We are what we remember, and how we future prospects may influence how we behave in the present. I.e. if we know that we are receiving enough passive income to sustain our expenses for indefinite time then we probably will spend our time differently, than if we know that we do not have any passive income what so ever and therefore we must actively work for the survival.

Future prospects do matter. Past does not so much, because past is remembered differently and you can always rewrite your own story.

Present moment on the other hand matters a lot! Suffering in the present is because of the wasted future. Do no not waste your present moments, because you only have one at a time.

How is the present moment related to the energy? Well, I would rather be positive in the present than negative. I feel that everything achieved through positive state of mind will have also larger impact, and it is nice to return to that as well.

We can interpret present in many ways. Taking each moment as a present like kung fu Panda said and making most of it is the key. We have choice in the present: preferring the proactive and positive will also build our capacity for experiencing the positive energies.

That to which we focus will grow. I am currently reading the Big Leap Book by Gay Hendricks, and the one big idea there is that, we all can build our capacity to experience positive emotions. Most of us deny this from ourselves, so we sabotage ourselves the possibility that we could be feeling more positive feelings all the time. Unless we build the capacity this remains true, however we can build it.

So in that sense, present moment is the place to enjoy being more positive.

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