Helping Without Focus is Not Helping


 Focus, is such an amazing ability, that I rarely get enough to think or talk about. What makes focus, so magical is the ability to get more done in less time. The more I learn about the focus, the more I’ve begun to appreciate it.

Focus is closely related with the attention, because that which you put attention it grows. Attention is power and ability to focus attention means that you are transferring power.

These two concepts are highly applicable to power and love. What I love to do most is to do both: to use my power to help others.

With skillful helping we can have more impact in less time.

I like to help out people whenever I am capable of, I do this without expectation of return and many times without even properly asking if the chance presents itself.  Today I noticed that I am overextending my help sometimes to things in which people do not even want to help. These are not really helpful situations to anyone and I am failing in focus, power and love.

Spontaneous helping without asking is situational; in some situations it might be common sense to help. Otherwise I’ve noticed that it may be better to consider the situation before offering to help. To myself I think the advantage in a bit consideration would be my time, energy and focus: I would actually have more time to help people who appreciate that rather than trying to do good where it is not actually serving much purpose.

Consider wisely where your focus is serving you and the interests of others the best. Most importantly be proactive!

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