Four Steps to Clarify Thinking


As I work in management consultancy environment, and meet a lots of business people, it is not uncommon to encounter jargon from all the fields of the business. The worst I find, is the consultancy jargon.

I am not guilt free either, in fact writing this is a step to take it under control.

Step Idea
1.       To be more understood, we need to communicate clearly. We can ask the other party to repeat what we just said to see how much we are on the same page.
2.       In order to communicate clearly, we need to think clearly. Writing and editing clarifies our thoughts. Try writing a sentence and then editing until there are no unnecessary words.
3.       In order to think clearly we need to understand ourselves what we are thinking and desiring to express first. This is we really start to pay attention what really matters, are the specific words important?
4.       To understand what we are thinking and desiring to express is conscious mindfulness and awareness. The way to increase conscious awareness in about our message is to ask ourselves: does this person really get this? Or does s/he just nod politely? Could clearer and simpler message spark more engagement and deeper connection?

When two understand each other they speak the same language, i.e. same words actually have same meanings. This is not granted, because languages evolve a lot even in few decades: meanings shift even if the written form remains the same.

When we are finally understanding, we automatically take in to the consideration the other person, we are customizing the message for them and we are taking other person’s capabilities into account.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” ― Albert Einstein

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