Prioritize the Important and Proactive Action



Highly productive focus to the important and before it is necessary. Ideally we do the important things before they become urgent. If it’s urgent, then we become more reactive and then the sense of urgency takes over. Therefore focus to sharpen the saw, focus most of your attention and energy to the important and proactive action each day.

Easy to say, right?

Neil Pasricha introduces to a great model in The Happiness Equation book to furthermore help with the time management. It goes like this: automate, regulate, effectuate and debate.

Automate, means to make the decisions once and then just either do them without much further consideration. All our routines are automated already as an example, so we can expand this concept to pretty much everything that can be automated and is of low importance.

Effectuate means just do it. Tasks that take a little time and have to be done, they are better to be done.

Regulate means to set aside time and do batch of work at a time regularly, rather than checking email multiple times each day you can set aside certain time when you check and clear your inbox and then that’s it for the day.

Debate is discussion with the important people in your life about the important decisions. Its’ about taking the time and other people’s input in consideration.

Getting back to the original topic of focusing that which is important and not urgent. Such simple concept takes a long time to take root, yet it was just today as I realized that for example meditation would fit that box. It’s so important and proactive. Same goes for the famous eat, move and sleep categories, they are crucial.

To which box most of your habits in life falls?

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