Two Takeaways for Success, Fame and Virtue


“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development.” – Jim Rohn

What is in common with personal development and sales? Well they are very much connected. Pretty much everything you’ve from your social standing to the clothes you wear is result of negotiation with the world. There can be dozens, even hundreds of these negotiations in a one day, through which most of us can breeze through with our automatic thinking and replies.

These negotiations are exchanges of power and when the word power is mentioned either party is selling something: idea, story, promise or something else. When you are selling an idea, make sure it will exceed the expectations!

When you decide to become better in sales, you can raise your own status, fame, power and money and those of others as well. We all are better if you decide to cultivate the virtues.

“If we all were to take efforts in virtues, community and we ourselves would have the best of life.” – Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

Most of the social agreements are exist only in our shared imaginations. Inter-subjective inventions and beliefs like money make it possible for us to increase the size of the cake for everybody, thus creating win-win-win deals and positive spirals. The social construct mostly depend on trust, and if indeed everybody would be so virtuous that they could exceed expectations, we would have an age of unprecedented growth.

Not all ventures need to even succeed: some success would be enough to outweigh the learning experiences (also known as failures). In fact most of the learning comes from the feedback and often before that feedback it is not so likely to succeed. That’s why I like to call failures learning experiences.

We need learning experiences and people who can coach us to grow further. Before the institutions we ventured to the unknown equipped with just our wits and curiosity, and we can do the same today by pushing past the known understanding.

This kind Forefront spirit required, because we are living times were most of the boring work gets done by more effective algorithms than ourselves. We can finally start to focus more audacious endeavors, worthy of our time and effort. We can finally focus to something more relevant. And oh boy, there is no shortage of such goals: global warming, growing population, basic education for all, space exploration, earth exploration, all scientific questions… Just as an example!

To summarize:

  1. To sell is to teach and to be able to teach we must first learn. Everything starts with cultivation of learning and of virtues.
  2. Practice, compete and grow through virtues. When virtues are action, we all will have more.

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