Sales is Education


This morning I had big realization about sales: sales is indeed teaching! This thought has resonated me very well since the first time I read Brian Tracy’s The Psychology of Selling (2006). In my native language Finnish I did realize some even more suitable words which feels rather satisfying.

I feel like I am ready to learn more about sales, now that the basics are covered.

My background in sales has been unlikely. A few years back, I just couldn’t have seen in any way that I end up in sales. It is through some defining moments such as my studies in Haaga-Helia UAS where I had chance to study under passionate teacher who also helped me to redefine sales. After that I’ve read books such as Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human (2013) which further have given me the definition broad enough operate in this present day world.

Now I really do think even further that sales is actually education. We are all in the training business. Automatization progresses fast: routine tasks can and should be automated in my opinion. Who wants to do those anyway?

We are more free every day to study and educate ourselves. And the basis of education is sales.

Sales is such a wonderful force that can create more good to us all. By this I mean the economic activity that does yield win-win-win results and growth for everyone.

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