13 Tips on How to Make More Out of Your Time



We all have the same amount of the time in the day, hour and minute.  Our life is fluid, ever changing moment of present moments. Our priorities do change.

How many of the priority hurdles we can clear? Well as many as we can do at once. And no I am not talking about multitasking, I am all in monotasking.

By clearing multiple priorities I mean finding actions that can serve multiple priorities at once and building in more habits that serve all those priorities though a day. The more of our priorities we can serve during the day, the happier we are, well because priorities serve our purpose.

Often there are invisible barriers that blocks us from doing something that would be really beneficial for us: i.e. we cannot stand up at our office desk because we do not have the standing table, or believing something is impossible even though it might be everyday just around the corner.

We all are forgiven our ignorance, lack of courage and laziness.

To get more done and thus make more out of your time you need to see and look opportunities to get many tasks done with the same time, without losing your focus to the pitfall of multitasking.

As example, think of assignment to turn in to the school. What if the same assignment would be the requirement for several classes? You could focus all your effort to do the one assignment well and get the same excellent return on all your grades.

Well in the practical life it is like that as well. You just have to think about your priorities in life in order. Write down a list and then rank them by the order. Then divide the list into roughly three equal parts: there you have your CRITICAL, BIG and SMALL priorities. Organize your life first to complete the critical ones, then proceed with big ones and lastly small ones if you have any time and energy.

When you know exactly your priorities you can start actually looking at your habits. If there is health in your critical part as it should be, then you probably are looking to do something with your eating, moving and sleeping. These categories are the basics building blocks of our lives, we need to have smooth processes for eating, moving and sleeping.

Action points:

  1. Walk more the stairs. Stand up when you talk to the phone. Walk to your colleague, friend, instead of sending email or IM.
  2. Walk faster, you’ll develop identity of fast walker and you get more done as well as you’ll be a bit more active.
  3. In general walk more. Our bodies are made to move, every second you spend moving is better than being passive, thus contributing to your good health which will pay itself back with the interest.
  4. Eat fresher and more colorful food. In the long run this will save a lot of time and effort.
  5. Find a great place to eat and stick with that. I prefer places where I’ve a bit influence what I eat so I can construct my meal every time, yet I do the same way. I love eating salads, steamed vegetables. My meals are rather consistent so I do not have to waste time on what to eat.
  6. Set up your working times as total focus time, 45 minutes at the time.
  7. Drink less coffee, tea and other than water. It saves a lots of money and time.
  8. Talk more to people. Even better walk to talk to them. Seriously most of our cravings of sugar, coffee, etc. come just from social needs that have just develop to the rapid needs of sugar rush.
  9. Always take notes. Seriously if you have your priorities in your mind, you should always be ready to take down the thoughts related to them.
  10. Read anywhere, when you commute, wait in the line etc.
  11. Listen audiobooks anywhere.
  12. Replace TV, Social media and news with books. At least turn the time consumption around most of the time to the books and less time to the news and social media.
  13. Master your routines: the necessities must be dealt with masterful ways. Most importantly master the clock: if you know how long it does you to do the things, you’ll become the master of the moment, because each moment you know your capabilities and the realities.

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