World is Not Black and White, It’s Mostly Shades of Grey



I like proverbs, they are easy memory rules for just about anything. Their usefulness can be debated thought, because proverbs as such simplifications they are alone not enough. At best these proverbs are most of the time correct, well I would guess that maybe 50% of the time?

You can check out some interesting proverbs that contradict here or here.

Longer, better defined sentences are more useful, yet only most of the time correct.

If there is any reason to educate oneself, it is to be able to recognize usefulness of the information. In the end, it is impossible to say good from the bad, or the bad from the good, because they exist at the same time.

This is very difficult for some people to understand, people who prefer black and white world.

Let’s take an example I was kind of interested in the power, yet I felt quite reluctant to read about it. Despite of this I started reading Robert Greene’s ideas about power in The 48 Law of Power book. At about halfway I put the book on hold for several months and it wasn’t until the end of year that I felt the need to finish reading something in order to accomplish my reading goal.

First part for me was a bit forced, however to my surprise the second part after a while came quite naturally. Maybe the thoughts or me had a moment to mature and ripen.

Now in the retrospective I do not hold such strong prejudices as I did earlier about the power. Often words power may get associated negatively, although in itself these concepts should be neutral. Our brains are effective at associating charged topics like money, power and fame to whatever. These are emotionally charged words which cause us to think with mixed feelings.

Because money or power can be used in bad ways doesn’t corrupt all of it. Just in the same way these can and are used for good, and that either does not sanctify them.

Nature of things is entangled and particular movie that happened to represent this well for me was the Monster Calls (2016) movie.

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